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Garland Pricing

2022 Prices are based on length of garland before taxes and fees

All Prices listed are current prices and these prices reflect industry standards. 
Only quality Bio-degradable balloons used.

Balloon Garland

Basic Garland Composition

Standard colors only no chrome $34/ft minimum 15ft for install

This type of garland includes
sizes 5", 11", 17"
3 jumbo (24inch)
Additional charges 
Jumbo 36" $6/balloon
Starburst $10/addition

Garland with Chrome Balloons

Standard colors with Chrome Balloons $38/ft

Additional Chrome balloons 
Colors include Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Copper, Rose Gold, Pink.

marry me balloons, balloon with chrome
ceiling balloons, double stuffed balloons

Custom Color Garland

The Art of Color Matching $45/ft

This method is the combination of tints, tones, and shades to create unique shades of balloons to match client's colors.

Balloon Walls

Minimum Price $800 (8x8)

Wall is a showstopper
Sizes included 5", 11", 17", 24"
Additional Charges
36" Latex Balloons- $6/balloon
standard foils-$3/foil
Starburst/jumbo foil $10/cluster
Orbz/ bubbles/ printed foils $7/foil

balloon wall
balloon moasics

Balloon Mosaics

Mosaics filled with Balloons $350

Mosaic Sizes 3ft- $175 standard colors $200 custom colors
Size 5ft- $350 Standard colors $375 custom colors
Available in Letter Numbers and Shape

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