Garland Pricing

2022 Prices are based on length of garland before taxes and fees

All Prices listed are current prices and these prices reflect industry standards. 
Only quality Bio-degradable balloons used.


Basic Garland Composition

Standard colors only no chrome $34/ft minimum 15ft for install

This type of garland includes
sizes 5", 11", 17"
3 jumbo (24inch)
Additional charges 
Jumbo 36" $6/balloon
Starburst $10/addition

Garland with Chrome Balloons

Standard colors with Chrome Balloons $38/ft

Additional Chrome balloons 
Colors include Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Copper, Rose Gold, Pink.


Custom Color Garland

The Art of Color Matching $45/ft

This method is the combination of tints, tones, and shades to create unique shades of balloons to match client's colors.

Balloon Walls

Minimum Price $800 (8x8)

Wall is a showstopper
Sizes included 5", 11", 17", 24"
Additional Charges
36" Latex Balloons- $6/balloon
standard foils-$3/foil
Starburst/jumbo foil $10/cluster
Orbz/ bubbles/ printed foils $7/foil


Balloon Mosaics

Mosaics filled with Balloons $350

Mosaic Sizes 3ft- $175 standard colors $200 custom colors
Size 5ft- $350 Standard colors $375 custom colors
Available in Letter Numbers and Shape