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Color of the year Pantone 2024

It is no surprise that the color of the year for Pantone is is peach fuzz, since the 2023 color is the year was a magneta shade. Staying among the lines of the red/ orange hues is a natural progression for paint companies.

But let's debug peach fuzz and it's components and it's impact for 2024 fashion, balloons and party influence.


Peach Fuzz

This warm yet cozy neutral is perfect for spring engagement parties, summer flings and perfect datetime picnics. The beauty and elegance is this tint encompasses the softness and femininity of grace.

At a glance peach fuzz gives elegance and romance but with further observation, it's has a whimsical feeling of aloftness and Glee.

Color theory

Peach Fuzz is a tertiary tint comprising of soft yellows and oranges and hits of white. On the yellow- orange hue, Peach fuzz has less chroma, more muted (neutral) tint.

On a Peach scale (as seen below) Peach Fuzz would be considered the middle hue a perfect blend of yellows and oranges.

Fashion 2024

As we approach winter fashion week 2024, I believe that these color will peak with designer in every industry.

Fashion industry- separates with solid Peach and prints with Peach accents (floral), and trims.

Interior decor- curtains (sheer), rugs, and accent walls.

Beauty- nails, use of peach neutral polish, makeup- eyeshadow, blush

Events- use in bridal suits, sweet 16, engagement parties.


Understand the color interpretation in balloons is integral with remaining current within the events industry.

The combination of peach and other warm neutrals will differently trend for 2024.

Let's take a look at an event I did in 2022

Swan Princess Baby Shower

The Color palette was inspired but the softness of the swan and girly pinks. This composition was elegant with rosey touch. The use of floral and tulle elevated the look.

Color selection:

Baby Pink

Double Stuff- Pearl Peach + Baby Pink


Mirror Pink Gold

Forecast for 2024 Events


Peach influence for kids parties in the spring, rainbow, daisies, and Unicorn.

Adult parties- main area staging, use of peach, pinks and oranges.

Engagement and wedding- soft elegant, white with pearls.


My favorite peach.

Qualatex Pearl peach- translucent (perfect for double stuffing)

This color is the perfect chameleon transition cool or warm depending on the internal color.


Which is your favorite peach?

  • 0%Qualatex Pearl Peach

  • 0%Sempertex Peach Blush

  • 0%Tuftex Cheeky

  • 0%Gemar Peach

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Loving this colour and I'm excited for all the success this year will bring

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Thank you for your read


Love this. These colors are so soft and elegant. They make you just want to wrap yourself up in them.

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Warm and cozy.

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