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Growth; Identification & Processing.

How did I know it was time to get a storage unit? I once heard an analogy, "place a cobra snake inside a cage and it will not outgrow the cage. Place that same cobra snake in the wild and it will grown 25 ft long". This statement showed me the power of our surroundings as it applies to our growth.

Recognizing Growth

Growing in business is important. There are three statues of business; steady, decline, and growth. Understanding how to increase your growth is pivotal in the continuing success of your business.

I recieved the revolution when I outgrew my shed in the backyard. As a small business I started out like everyone. I bought a pink pump off Amazon and experiment with balloons. As my business grew so did my ambition. I wanted more! I wanted more from my business and that meant I needed SPACE!

Utilizing SPACE

As I bought props, ladder, balloons, and created Mosaics; I need a space to store all my items. This enabled me to offer packages to clients with a smaller budget and still book the job.

Understanding that this now increases my overhead, I knew that with a storage unit I would have the ability to purchase new items. With new items I could increase my range and create a niche for myself.

SELF Assessment

If you are struggling with this decision to get a storage unit. Ask yourself these Questions

  1. Is my business growing, remaining steady, or decreasing?

  2. Where is there room for growth?

  3. Am I maximum my time?

  4. How do I increase my monthly sales?

  5. What are the goals for my business?

We often times lose out on opportunities because we fail to see the mission of growth. In the year 2021 what are your ambitions for your business and are you hindering your growth?

Until Next Time. Have a profitable weekend!

The Aviator

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